Cradle to coast tasting trail

Discover the Cradle Coast Tasting Trail – A Culinary Adventure near Country Club Tasmania!

Between the Spirit of Tasmania terminal at Devonport and your doorstep at Country Club, there are many great growers and artisans to explore.

If you’re looking for a food trail in Tasmania, the Cradle Coast Tasting Trail highlights an amazing spread of local food and delivers a true taste of Tasmania.

The local producers featured on this trail are the heart and soul of Tasmania’s thriving food scene. The wide range of offerings is sure to leave you craving more.

The Cradle to Coast Tasting trail offers various tastings straight from the farm gates so you can experience the rich flavours of cherries, chocolates, hazelnuts, cheese and raspberries to apple cider, gin, honey, beer, olives, seafood, coffee, and pickled onions straight from the producers. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

Find out what it’s like to live in the food bowl of the nation.

The adventure doesn’t end with your exploration of the tasting trail. After a day touring the region, you’ll recognise the names of many local producers on the bar and restaurant menus at Country Club Tasmania.

Eager to start your Cradle Coast Tasting Trail adventure? Book your stay at Country Club Tasmania, and you’ll be moments away from this tasting adventure.

Browse the rooms at Country Club Tasmania and turn your culinary exploration into an unforgettable getaway. Your foodie paradise awaits!

A few of our favourite picks:

Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory

Ashgrove Cheese

Hazelbrae hazelnuts

Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

Harvest Launceston farmers market

Images: Jarrad Seng, Tourism Australia and Graham Freeman